Friday, November 27, 2015

Come Awake, My Love: Melissa Townsend SHOW NOW ONLINE!

It's almost time...and we now have ALL THE WORKS ONLINE by simply clicking on the below link. We will be closed at 5:30pm tonight to prep for the opening and will officially open the gallery for the opening at 7pm sharp.

NO WORKS WILL BE SOLD UNTIL THE DOORS OPEN AT 7pm in person or online/phone call 902-425-9456  or 902-233-0784



Meet Benny the Bunny....and more of his friends at the Melissa Townsend show opening tonight, 7pm

 You can also meet Melissa Townsend tomorrow, Saturday, November 28th, 1:30pm-3:30pm at the gallery too!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Meet "Della"- New Textile works by Pat Winans

We just received additional works from the on-going series "Della says..." by artist Pat Winans. We are over the moon for these pieces...each of them depicting Della from her daughter's perceptive.

The works really do speak for themselves!  But first, let us introduce you to Della!

Della was born in 1912 and Pat describes her as a "goose" nanny, war plant worker, professional chauffeur, expert seamstress, artist, artisan, story teller and my mother- whose uncanny wit is the inspiration for my art."

The photo was taken in the barn yard of the farm where she grew up. In the summertime, it was her job to keep track of the geese and keep them in the yard
Della says..."love those skinny blue jeans"

Della says..."when life gets tough, disappear with camo"

Della says..."being loved is a ride in someone's little red wagon"
Della says..."bikinis aren't for sissies"

Della says..." happiness is dancing naked in the rain"

Della says....purple is the new black

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Still Blooming in November

Despite the cold and rainy day today, we've heard many of you tell us that you still have flowers blooming outside!  What a strange and wonderful world of weather we have around here!  Bringing flowers inside to be enjoyed is always a pleasure too- and the latest painting by Briana Corr-Scott captures it all so perfectly.

This  work is called "Zinnia & Hydrangea", 24" x 36" and is painted with oil on board. You can see it as much in this photograph, but there is a fair bit of texture in this work. We think it's divine and would make the best gift of all!  That being said, we want to remind you that we are offering 20% off most works of art until December 15th- with the donation of some warm mitts, hat and scarf!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vroooooom......And we SHIP ART too....artistically of course! FREE SHIPPING within Canada for the holidays!

Just in case you didn't know, we ship artwork all around the world!  No box is too small or too large to send!  Caitlin McGuire, who has just started to work with the gallery, has taken on the tradition begun by Crystal Ross (off on maternity leave) of shipping and packing art work creatively!!  We can hardly wait to hear the reaction of this client when he receives his art- which appears to be in a box shaped as a truck or delivery van! Just take a look!

****ARGYLE FINE ART IS OFFERING FREE SHIPPING within CANADA on orders $100 or more until Dec. 12th!****

 Art is a wonderful way to celebrate the season and actually many couples and families are opting to celebrate the season with original artwork. In fact, it's become a tradition for a few- each year they set aside a little bit of dollars and select a work of art together. What a grand memory that will be in years to come!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Time to write some heartfelt notes in these heartfelt cards...

It's time to get out your pen and pick-up some hand screen printed cards, like these beautiful ones by the twin sister duo, Bryanna and Alyssa Chapeskie...aka Double Dare Print Studio.  These are not only cards...but mini works of art and $5.50 each.

Each card is made lovingly and we love the vintage aesthetic each of these have- fits in quite nicely with our nostalgic holiday theme happening all season long at the gallery.  Check out these as well as other cards and prints by local artists arriving almost daily now!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gonna Buy Me a Ford Truck (And Cruise It Up and Down the Road)

This holiday season at the gallery we're feeling a little... nostalgic. What better way to enjoy that feeling than a trip down memory lane - with art!

Today we're featuring a new work by artist Andy MacDonald, Orange Truck. This is no ordinary Andy MacDonald painting though (as if anything Andy does is ordinary) - this piece glows.

Orange Truck, Andy MacDonald

When we say it glows, we really mean it. The headlights and the background in this piece actually glow in the dark!

Ouu! Ahhh!

You have to see this piece in person to really appreciate it. Especially if you are a classic Ford truck lover.

Fear not Chevy fans, we have a classic by Andy for you too! 

A few process shots on how we set up our glow in the dark photo booth:

Add a little light...

One tall chair & one heavy coat = the sophisticated photo booth Caitlin set up to keep the light out!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sentimental Feelings: Nostalgic for the Holidays

'Tis the season when many of us will start to prepare for  holiday celebrations.One important part of this season, is to say "thank you" to people that are important to us, in our daily lives. One way to do this, is through gift giving and card writing.We've begun to receive lots of new cards by local artists- all different styles for anyone on your list. We also have the most beautiful glass pens, that almost look as if you are writing with icicles.

(Left to Right) -"French Bulldog in Scarf" by Tara Andrews postcard, "Evening Skate" collage card by Angela Carlsen and Glass Pen by Janelle Tyler (various styles)
But you can also show you care with kind gestures. We challenge all of you to do kind things for one another throughout the season and in the year ahead. In fact, we are offering 20% off most purchases over $50 (before tax- some exceptions apply) IF you donate a warm pair of new or gently used mittens or gloves this season until December 15th! Then we'll take all the wonderful warm things and drop them to a local non-profit in time for winter wearing! We plan to hang out a clothesline and thank you publicly too! Of course, if you just want to donate without a purchase, that's wonderful too!

Another thing many of us do, is think back to days past with fondness and good memories of friends, family and fun. This holiday season at Argyle Fine Art, we want to reminisce with you and showcase some works that touch on the nostalgic things associated with a Canadian holiday season- especially an Atlantic Canadian one! So sit back, and relax as we bring you little bits of memories throughout the weeks ahead- with art!  Tell us what you think of when you think of Christmas or the holidays you celebrate!  What makes you feel the "warm and cozies"? 

To start with, we are excited to feature the latest works by Kimberly Floyd in her growing series of vintage products- all of which still exist to this day, and have actually not changed their branding much at all over the years and years. All of these things have a certain memory attached to them for many Atlantic Canadians especially, but not exclusively. All of these works are at the gallery and are waiting for new homes for the holidays, perhaps with you! (and they are even more colourful and alive in person!)  Contact us directly for purchase details at 902-425-9456.

 Drop back often....we'll be featuring lots of new works that will trigger a nostalgic bone or two! Throughout the weeks, we hope to have a Record Playing shopping party and more...stay tuned!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold.

The winds of change are in the air as we step into fall in Nova Scotia. As the colours of the leaves change from green to gold, and slowly fade to brown under a grey sky, the nights get a little darker and the air a little cooler.

Fear not fair-weather friends! While it is chilly outside, it's still warm inside with new springtime inspirations from artist Briana Corr Scott.

Briana Corr Scott

Colour, warmth, form and light - Briana's studies are gentle and soft, and help create a calm transition between seasons.

Briana Corr Scott

Join us and step out of the cold and into the gallery today to let art and your imagination carry you through until warmer seasons.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy HOwllllllllloweeN!

Well today's a very special day, for it is Halloween! The streets are filled with children and adults alike celebrating this playful day in full costume and their tummies are filled to the brim with candy! We have decked out our windows with spooky and festive art too....and these hand-embroidered works by Yoko White. are making people do a double take.

Have a HEART!

  Oh if only we had a BRAIN!



Saturday, October 24, 2015

City Harvest - Back to the Future Sketch Covers

We celebrated City Harvest downtown today - which meant having a bit of fun at the gallery.

We had Kim Danio on hand, who was the artist behind our Sole of the City Nocturne display. Kim as here with a plethora (a flock? a pack?) of her shoe critters, showing us how she goes from shoe to work of art.

Artist Craig Baltzer was also here doing a painting demo. Craig's work was featured with Kim's downstairs at Nocturne. He also managed to whip up a Back to the Future sketch cover, as seen below:

Sketch Cover by Craig Baltzer

Caitlin McGuire, who you can find behind the counter at the gallery when she's not painting in her studio, also created a sketch cover:
Sketch Cover by Caitlin McGuire

Both Covers with the very limited BACK TO THE FUTURE comic inside are NOW for Sale- They are $65 each. There will never be other ones like it....we hope some lucky folks take the plunge and get in touch with us at  and call 902-425-9456 for purchase. Christmas is coming...or so we are told! (eeeck)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Art inspired by Pop Culture: Back to the Future Day Success

To quote Marty McFly; a main character from the "Back to the Future" movie  trilogies- "That was heavy"- meaning that was unbelievable and amazing!  Yesterday was October 21st, 2015 otherwise known as Back to the Future Day and we had a wonderful day with artwork created by local artists inspired by the movie to celebrate it's 30th anniversary annnnnnnnnnnnd we also had a Delorean that just so happened to look like the famous Time Travel Machine that travels through decades in the 1980's classic. What a happy day it was...people that had never been in our gallery dropped in. Everyone had smiles on their faces and for even just a few moments, art took them on a journey away from their daily routines.

You can see the entire show online here... SHOW ONLINE HERE!
Of course we encourage you to come and see the show in person too! Many of the works represented online are available as prints or originals too!

Here are some of our favourite pictures from yesterday, that really sum up the over all moods of the day.

Here's to the FUTURE!  Things are looking brighter and brighter each day!

photo contributed by rich aucoin
Original hand-lettered work by Kristen De Palma
The Delorean arrived just before lunch...already started to draw a crowd...everyone was just so excited!!!

Surprise visitors from the FUTURE!  Marty McFly and Doc!
Mini Marty McFly with his Time Machine made by artist Kim Danio...from a sneaker!
All ages came out to enjoy the day and even dressed the part!
Ray guns of the...Future?
Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday, to ALL the media that visited too (we were on The National News folks!), to Trevor MacDonald (the owner of the beautiful Time Machine), to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission and to all the artists....thanks for always helping us make Halifax a more fun and happy place to live and work....and of course, play!

Saturday, October 17, 2015


It's that time of year again! The wind is crisp and there is change in the air. That can only mean one thing... Nocturne!!

Nocturne is Halifax's annual Art at Night Festival that takes place tonight, Oct 17th, from 6pm-12am. The whole city comes alive for an evening of visual, performance, and installation art - and so much more!

Here at the gallery we have so many great things for you to see and experience!

Upstairs we have work by artist Jan Davison. Jan's bright coloured paintings feature local favourites - restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and more! Come tour the city with Jan's work!

Bearly's by Jan Davison

Downstairs you are in for a treat! Artist Kim Danio has created local institutions - out of boots and shoes! It's so impressive you really have to see it with your own two eyes! It's been likened to "the feeling you experience as a kid on Christmas morning" by those who have seen it - so prepare yourself for feelings of uncontrollable joy!

Metro Transit Ferry, Sailboat and Bridge by Kim Danio

Also downstairs are new nightscape paintings by artist Craig Baltzer. His use of warm street lights cutting through the cool night create a very apropos atmosphere for Nocturne.

Chain Lake Drive by Craig Baltzer

All work from our Nocturne show will be up until Nov 7th! Looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!