Tuesday, August 1, 2017

HIGH NOON at NOON: Mirco Chen

It's HIGH NOON at NOON time again! We're going through our inventory of amazing works of art that are still looking for equally amazing homes and offering them up each day at around noon, until August 8th.

What is HIGH NOON? HIGH NOON is a time sensitive "sale" on  selected works that the gallery. We'd like to introduce you to these works and hope that some of them find a home with you. HIGH NOON works are priced at a special price but for just 24 hours! 

Today's HIGH NOON feature is this delightful cat by Mirco Chen called "Who am I Kidding" It's oil on board and ready to hang, measures 9" x 12" and is just the greatest kitty painting ever! Just look at that neck ruffle...all ready to take on Tuesday like a boss! 
Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON, this work sells for $185 and it's regular price is $285


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