Art on the Go!: FALL Workshop Series

Our  "Art on the Go!" workshops this Summer have been going well! So well in fact, we ave two workshops so far planned for the FALL, and hope to add another one or two before the season is through.

Basically these workshops provide a unique, fun and affordable opportunity for you to learn something new with a professional Argyle Fine Art artist while also being outside and on location for inspiration! We will provide your "art box" which is a wooden cigar box supplied by our business neighbours, Sieverts Limited. We will transform this little box into everything you need to paint or draw on the go! Each workshop will cost $50. Payment is required at time of registration and nonrefundable. Workshops will go on, no matter rain or shine, but not to worry! We'll give you shelter. Each class is limited to 8  individuals.

*More detailed information will be provided upon request and registration for particular workshops such as where to meet and any specifics the instructor asks us to send to participants.*

Art at the Beach: Taking place at Lawrencetown Beach and lead by popular gallery artist Gordon MacDonald. This is one of Gord's favourite places to paint and to be, so it only seemed natural to do a workshop here. Gordon will be using acrylics for this workshop, and the focus will be on sky and surf. You are responsible for you own transportation to the venue.

1 SPACE AVAILABLE   Sunday, September 10th, 1pm-3pm
Meeting Location to be Determined
Artist Gordon MacDonald with a recent painting inspired by Lawrencetown Beach. Photo Credit: Sean Kelly

Art at Night: Take a walk around the Hydrostone Park and surrounding area with Mary Garoutte. Mary is well-known for her paintings that explore light. Specifically, she is very interested in painting and sharing her experiences thus far with painting night scenes that include glowing lights, whether it be the flickering from a TV set inside a home, a neon sign, the glow of the street lights and cars swooshing by....Mary will be using acrylics for this workshop. Each box will be equipped with it's on little light! 

8 SPACES AVAILABLE  Saturday, September 16th, 6:30-8:30pm
Meet at the Hydrostone Star Bucks

A Recent nighttime scene painted by Mary Garoutte

No  previous experience is necessary to attend any of the workshops, however it's always an asset. The main objective is to get more of you trying to create art and growing an appreciation of art while having fun!

Mostly all supplies are provided, which include your very own "art box" which you will use to hold your surface (canvas board or paper attached to top inside cover) and any paints or other supplies you need supplied in bottom of box and palette surface. There is no pressure to complete a work in this time frame of the workshop, as you can take your box home and continue creating!  We do request you bring a small foldable chair or cushion to sit on, where appropriate footwear and clothing, a jar (mason jar with tight fitting cover for water for your brushes) . All canvas, paper, paint, pastels and pencils, ferry tickets, will be provided by the gallery and our other wonderful business neighbour, Deserres.

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